Study and design of electrical plan:

We produce a complete and detailed document of electrical design, based on :

  • Technical specifications
  • Functional analysis
  • Existing documents

Software and environment selection :

You want to invest in a professional electrical software, we can advise on the most appropriate software to chosse, armed with our experience.
Furthermore, we set up for you a software environment adjusted to your conception of electrical design.

Replication of your electrical diagram :

When you have lost the source file,
when your diagrams are made with outdated software,
when you do not own the software to make modifications,
we design and upgrade your electrical diagram with the software of your choice.

On-site surveys :

If you have no electrical diagram of your installations or if those diagrams do not correspond anymore to the reality, we mobilize our teams on-site, and we design your electrical diagram with the survey.

Sectors of activity :